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Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline ClearGlow stick

When I started this section I knew I had to start with this product. It just made so much of sense. The hype that this product created in the blogosphere was overwhelming. I went hunting in store after store trying to get my hands on it, and finally after a bit of a wait I managed to get the Maybelline ClearGlow stick. I picked the shade Fawn.

And I must say it was worth the wait and  worth the hype and totally worth the money.
It was my favourite product throughout the summer and even now I use when when I am not particular about the coverage.

About the product

  • It comes in a cute blue tube style packaging which has a twist up mechanism.
  • It is a plastic body but doesn't to be flimsy.
  • Travel friendly indeed thanks to its size

Yup, that's all that is left.. Need to go buy a new one.

What I like about this product?

  • It is a good match to my skin colour
  • Matte finish and that's why during the summer it was the best product to use. In this season, it is a bit drying and I don't use it as often.
  • Definitely gives a glowing appearance to the skin.
  • Blends so beautifully!! My favourite way to apply it is by just streaking it across the face, blending with my fingers first and then to get a sort of air brushed look I use a wet sponge to blend it further.
  • Fairly good staying power and also seemed to control the oil to some extent.
  • The price: that is the best point of this product . Just 250INR
What I don't like about this product?

Ummm.. Nothing really.. I love it!! But it is a bit drying in the colder season.

a Swatch

Completely blended.

Click here to see a LOTD using the Maybelline ClearGlow Stick

Have you used the Maybelline ClearGlow Stick?

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