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And the Winner is....

So my first giveaway ever ended yesterday and I don't know about the participants but I was really excited to find who the winner was.
So ladies and gentlemen, here is the winner of my giveaway!!!


REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Face Brush.

So a few months ago I had put up a First Impressions post about this brush. Here is the full review.
(Yes... no blabbering today. Straight to business)

I seem to have talked quite a lot about the brush in my First Impressions post More than I thought. Anyway, for those of you who haven't read it, here is a detailed review.


REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow nailpolish in 001 Cinderella Pink

Maybelline has just been churning out new products month after month, and I've just been trying to catch up with reviews, but I haven't done really done justice to it. So this time I made sure that I review the new release as soon as possible. So here I am with a pretty pretty nail colour review- The ColorShow nailpolish in 001 called Cinderalla Pink


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duo

In my latest haul post, (click here to see) I bought only Lakme stuff (except for one L'Oreal nailpolish). So today I will quickly talk about one new blush from the Absolute range.
It is 2 blushes in one, quite similar to the highlighter duo from the Absolute range.
The one I picked up has a coral shade and a pink. The other two duos were not as vibrant.
As of now I am liking it. The colour, the finish, the compact size. The price is fairly affordable considering tat you get two blushes at the price of one.
The review will be in a detailed post soon.

By the way, have you entered my giveaway yet? Maybe next giveway I'll throw in a basic makeup kit- blush, kajal, lipstick, mascara. What do you think?

Click here to enter my first giveway. Just a few days left ladies!!1

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REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Shine Line EyeLiner in Smoky Grey

Navrathri has been crazy hectic with the puja and even though I am on holiday, I still have papers to correct. (Time consuming. But we'll talk about that another time). I love Navrathri. I learnt that there are colours associated with each day and that isn't a very Tam Bram thing. I found it fascinating so I'm currently reading more about that. Also this has been the BEST Navrathri in terms of all the gifts I've gotten!!! I am just loving it. But more on that later.
Today I have a review of the Lakme Absolute Shine EyeLiner in the colour Smoky Grey.


Of Festivals and a mini Giveaway!!

I love Dussera and Diwali!! one of the biggest reasons is because I get holidays!! (perks of being a school teacher).
The colours, the stories, they all mesmerize me...


Haul!! Mostly Lakme Products

There are so many new products in the market, God only knows how oblivious I have been for so long!! So when I went to look for a new nailpolish for my friend, I just picked up a whole bunch of new stuff from Lakme Absolute collection. Beauty Blogging is about experimenting, right? I say bring it on!!
After buying all this, with the upcoming festival season, I have a brilliant idea of what to do with some of the products..


LOTD: Simple Neutral Look.

Here is a simple neutral LOTD

Wardrobe essentials: The White Kurta and a LOTD

One of my very first posts was on wardrobe essentials for the IndianWoman. (Click here to read it). I thought I'd show you how I styled it for a day out.
So on Sunday I had two occasions - a mini reunion with my school friends. Actually it was to say bye and wish good luck to one of our friends who was moving to Chennai for further studies. The other occasion was my nephew's birthday.