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Haul!! Mostly Lakme Products

There are so many new products in the market, God only knows how oblivious I have been for so long!! So when I went to look for a new nailpolish for my friend, I just picked up a whole bunch of new stuff from Lakme Absolute collection. Beauty Blogging is about experimenting, right? I say bring it on!!
After buying all this, with the upcoming festival season, I have a brilliant idea of what to do with some of the products..

Are you asking what that is?
Wait and see... Just till the next post.. 
Till then, feast your eyes on the products. 

I got a pretty peach pink makeup pouch free with the Lakme products (that's how much I bought) and also got a straightner at half the price. A Vega pink one at 600 INR!!
Oh I am just so excited that I'm tripping over my words.

Ok well till the next post.

Stay tuned..

miss kays



  1. Where did u get all the free products lovely? ;)

    1. Only the the makeup bag was free.. It was an offer going on in Health and Glow. Every month they have some different offer. I bought the rest and so I got the makeup bag free.. Even the straightner was on offer... Half price..