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REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Face Brush.

So a few months ago I had put up a First Impressions post about this brush. Here is the full review.
(Yes... no blabbering today. Straight to business)

I seem to have talked quite a lot about the brush in my First Impressions post More than I thought. Anyway, for those of you who haven't read it, here is a detailed review.

So until a few months I did not know that Lakme had brushes. Haven't really seen any reviews floating around.

What I like about this brush
Black and sleek packaging
Retractable, so it is perfect for travelling.
Not a short brush. The bristles are kind of long but closely packed together.
It is not fluffy but kind of dense.
Very smooth soft bristles.
Does not shed on washing, except a few bristles.
Does not lose its shape on washing.
Picks up a decent amount of product and blends it out well.

What I don't like
The price. 875INR for a brush by Lakme is really steep. Really steep.

Tips for use
I like using it with bright colours because it disperses it evenly and blends well.
Better for a blush or contouring. I don't really like using it for bronzer. (I like my bronzer to be blended with a large brush)

That's the Lakme Blush Duo on the brush

It is a good quality brush easily available, expensive, but good for travelling and so so soft.

Have you tried any Lakme brushes?

My love for Lakme is becoming evident, isn't it? Here is the link for my giveaway.
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  1. Seems like a nice brush but so expensive!!!

    1. ya that's true. But atleast it is a only a one time investment. It will last for a few years..