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Let's Chat: Best Buy on Sale

We are going on a small temple trip this weekend and I was packing the handbag that I use for travel and while packing it I was thinking that this handbag is most definitely the best thing I've bought on sale in a while.
So I thought I'd share it with you all.

This is a Lavie Bag. The only Lavie Bag I own.

The original price was about 3000 INR but I bought during the last Lifestyle sale and got it at 50% off! Such a steal, right??

I love the pink lining on the inside and it has so many pouches! It doesn't just slouch over.

Just a small post before I take off for the weekend.
Do share with me what was your best buy on Sale recently.

Happy Weekend!

miss kays



All Time Fav: L'Oreal HydraFresh Aqua Cream

So the first product I am talking about is skin care. A moisturiser that I have used for about 2 years now. And managed to finished 2 tubs of it till date. I am on my 3rd tub right now. So I guess you understand how much I love it and why it is an All Time Favourite.


LOTD: A barely there makeup look. (but there is makeup)

Most mornings once I'm done with my makeup I spend a few minutes clicking selfies. This is only if I like the way the makeup turned out that day. And my mom will keep screaming in the background, " Miss teacher you are getting late. What's with this obsession of clicking pictures early in the morning when you have to leave to school?" So I have to reply, "but I need to blog ma". This happens atleast 3 days out of 5 in a week :P
Today I just left the house and then realised I never clicked a pic. So I quickly took one downstairs near where my bike is parked and the picture actually looked kind of nice so I thought I would do a LOTD.


All Time Favs.

So here is yet another new section! I know, right!!
All of us have that one song, a top or a piece of jewellry that is our favourite!! We quite literally can't get enough of it. For some of us, there are products that fall under that category. So this new section is just that. Products that I have finished and repurchased. Only those will be featured in this section.
So stay tuned to read all about what I love and tell me about your loves.

miss kays.



Monthly Favourites- October.

So I have bought a whole new bunch of products over the past 2 months but haven't had time to really test all of them. Some are in testing stage and some have been love at first sight. So here are 5 of my favourite products for the month of October.


REVIEW: Lakme Face Stylist Blush Duo in Coral Blush

I hope your Diwali is in full swing. I have a holiday even on Monday that's why I'm trying to get some reviews done. Today we'll look at a Blush Duo from Lakme.


Diwali Outfit and an attempt at Nail art.

Hello everyone, Hope you had a lovely  Diwali so far. Here is a just a small post on my outfit and nails.

Happy Diwali!!

As some of you may have noticed my giveaway ended when my Dussera hols got over and after that I went missing, its a school thing people. I mean school starts and then everything else gets pushed to the bakcground. But nevertheless I am here to wish you all for Diwali. (yes, you are right, I have a few days holidays again =] ).

So lovely ladies and handsome men out there, Happy Happy Diwali

Have a safe Diwali and wish you a prosperous year ahead..

miss kays

p.s. a blush review is coming up and possibly a nail art.. Keep reading.