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All Time Fav: L'Oreal HydraFresh Aqua Cream

So the first product I am talking about is skin care. A moisturiser that I have used for about 2 years now. And managed to finished 2 tubs of it till date. I am on my 3rd tub right now. So I guess you understand how much I love it and why it is an All Time Favourite.

So I just chanced upon this moisturiser when I was buying my L'Oreal foundation. The SA at Lifestyle used this moisturiser under the foundation for trial and I think I loved the moisturiser more than the foundation initially.

So what's so special about this you ask?
Well it is perfect for my strangely combination skin. It is a hydrating cream and so it adds moisture to my skin. It works nicely for summer and winter and the monsoon that we have here.
The bottle does say normal to dry skin but I have skin that has started to age and is no longer supple fresh 20s skin (well I am on the other end of 20s so it it makes sense). There is some distinct dryness on my usually oily face and some fine lines starting to appear. So I guess that's why I like this cream.
In the summer it adds just the right amount of moisture without making the skin too oily.
In the winter sometimes I need a bit more moisture at times. But mostly this is the face cream I use under foundations.
I love that it makes the skin soft and so blending foundation is so smooth. It helps make the foundation look clean and polished. It adds a dewy look.
My sister who is in her early 20s used it once and her comment was, " My skin feels baby bum soft." She meant it feels as soft as a baby bum. And she has dry skin so I guess it works well for dry skin as well".
It really makes me feel refreshed.
There is a slight scent but it is not strong and doesn't linger at all.
I use a very small amount for the face and neck and so one tub/ bottle lasts me almost 6 months. And I use this once a day in the morning. So it lasts a long time. A little bit does go a long way.
It costs 499 INR.

Ok so to summarise.

What I love about this product?
Makes my skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed.
Doesn't break me out.
Lasts a long time for the amount paid.

What's not to like?
Well you have to use your fingers to get it out of the tub. There is no pump dispersal. That could be a problem for some people.
It is a glass bottle and quite heavy so not really for light travelling.
Can make the skin oily in the summer season.

The brand new tub

The old empty tub

Tip: I washed out the old tub and dried and used it to store my Lakme compact that I dropped and so I kinda broke. I powdered it completely and then put it into the tub. So it is a useful tub.

And that was a really long post! Longer than I expected.

What is your all time favourite moisturiser? Do let me know in the comments below.

miss kays.