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Diwali Outfit and an attempt at Nail art.

Hello everyone, Hope you had a lovely  Diwali so far. Here is a just a small post on my outfit and nails.

So here is my Diwali outfit. A simple anarkali that  I picked up in Commercial Street.

What I loved about this was the work on the back. Its what made me give this anarkali a second look and well adds an interesting dimension to the whole outfit.

Here is an attempt at nail art design/ patterns. I don't think it qualifies as proper nail art and would probably be considered an insult by those who actually do art on the nails. It started off as something and ended up as something else. I kinda like it because it is quite simple but still noticeable.

The whole idea of doing nail patterns is Maybelline's fault. I mean if they hadn't put out nailpolishes that cost just 75INR with a whole range of new colours in different finishes, people like me would not be attempting to do new designs.

Here are the colours I used- the last one is Fuschia

I loved the first colour that I bought from this range (Click here to read the review and see the colour). So I bought a bunch of new colours. Yes a bunch. Slowly and surely I will do a few more simple nail designs. Who knows, maybe some day I too will be a nail artist!

I have already reviewed the Maybelline Fushcia here.

What do you think about this?

miss kays