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REVIEW: Avon Everlasting Mascara

This is a mascara that I have been meaning to review for ages. In fact it got over and I threw it away as well! And then when I was going through my phone pictures I realised I had never gotten around to reviewing this.
I really liked this mascara.


REVIEW: Zuush Eye and Face Makeup remover wipes

We all know the importance of removing makeup before we go to sleep and today's review is something that makes that routine so much more easier. Makeup remover wipes by Zuush. I feel like this should come with a tag lime- Removes all makeup in a jiffy (like Mr. Muscle)


Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow

I love Christmas holidays because it is the only time in the academic year when I have no school work to do. (still have tuition kids coming in, but that's okay). Having no school work gives me so much more time to do other things. Other things usually include lots of tv (read as streaming online and watching shows), lots of sleeping time (its really cold, okay) and nowadays it means time to blog. So I put together a list of products that I HAD to review before the year ended and that is exactly what I am doing


DIY: Lipstick holder

Since I was a kid, I have always been into making stuff and being organized. As my makeup collection has been expanding, I started to realize that I'm going to have to organize in a different way so that everything is accessible. For this purpose I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube - DIY makeup organizers, makeup storage, DIY vanity etc, to get inspiration and also figure what works best for my collection.
Lip products are the latest addition to my makeup collection and I suddenly have a lot of it. Balms, glosses, smoothies, lipsticks, so many varieties and everything was kept in a box. Hence I mostly just used whatever was out and accessible. For days on end I would wear the same colour.


Christmas Special: Xteeener Inspired EOTD

Merry Christmas Dear Readers!!! How did you spend your Christmas day? I had a very relaxing day because as you all know I am holiday. We went out in the evening and I finally got to try this pretty Olive Green look inspired by my favourite YouTube Guru- Xteeener.


REVIEW: Avon Simply Pretty Big Eye Pencil in Brown

Lakme has come out with these new eye shadows that in a crayon form and seeing that reminded me that I still have not reviewed this product and it was one of the first makeup products in my collection.
I was actually looking for a dark brown eye pencil and well this is not that at all!!! But I love it! Its like my go-to eye shadow shade. Simple to use. Perfect for everyday. There is nothing fancy about it.


REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow in Denim Dash 503 and a Christmassy nail art (well an attempt)

Christmas is just two days away and when I was staring at my nail polish collection I realised that I had some Christmassy colours and I could attempt a nail art. Also I haven're reviewed the rest of the Maybelline ColorShow nail polishes that I own. (I own 7. Shhhh!!)
So here is a two in one post. A nail art with only ColorShow nailpolishes.


A first date look


OOTD: The last working day and a rock concert.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, my school completed 50 years and we've had a year filled with celebrations. The culmination was a music concert featuring 2 internationally acclaimed bands. It was the last working day for the year and an evening when all the teachers were allowed to let their hair down, relax and dance. And dance we did!!


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And I have holidays again..

So I have been missing for a month! I know, right? November and December is super hectic in school. Not only do we get bundles of papers to correct, we also have to set question papers for the exams in Jan and as usual I do this last minute (pretty much worse than my students who study last minute). All that and the musical takes up time. Once in two years, my school puts up a musical and that is months of practise and effort. The students act, sing, dance and the music is played by our music department. I was part of the backstage crew and boy, it was back breaking. Quite literally. In the middle of all this I celebrated my birthday and my cousin and I designed my birthday outfit. You can expect a detailed post on that coming up. And oh oh, I almost forgot the series of weddings that I attended (again). So it has been a crazy month. But.... In two days I start Christmas vacations (I love being a school teacher) and so you can expect regular posts, atleast for the next 2 weeks.
But the most exciting thing is I have managed to not shop for any makeup since my haul in October. I am so thrilled!! The sale season will be here soon and I will go berserk but I just went on a shopping ban without even planning for one!!! It is really good in a way because I have been using what I own and I have some reviews that I am ready to roll out.
That was my November in a gist.
Will be seen here more regularly.
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