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And I have holidays again..

So I have been missing for a month! I know, right? November and December is super hectic in school. Not only do we get bundles of papers to correct, we also have to set question papers for the exams in Jan and as usual I do this last minute (pretty much worse than my students who study last minute). All that and the musical takes up time. Once in two years, my school puts up a musical and that is months of practise and effort. The students act, sing, dance and the music is played by our music department. I was part of the backstage crew and boy, it was back breaking. Quite literally. In the middle of all this I celebrated my birthday and my cousin and I designed my birthday outfit. You can expect a detailed post on that coming up. And oh oh, I almost forgot the series of weddings that I attended (again). So it has been a crazy month. But.... In two days I start Christmas vacations (I love being a school teacher) and so you can expect regular posts, atleast for the next 2 weeks.
But the most exciting thing is I have managed to not shop for any makeup since my haul in October. I am so thrilled!! The sale season will be here soon and I will go berserk but I just went on a shopping ban without even planning for one!!! It is really good in a way because I have been using what I own and I have some reviews that I am ready to roll out.
That was my November in a gist.
Will be seen here more regularly.
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