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DIY: Lipstick holder

Since I was a kid, I have always been into making stuff and being organized. As my makeup collection has been expanding, I started to realize that I'm going to have to organize in a different way so that everything is accessible. For this purpose I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube - DIY makeup organizers, makeup storage, DIY vanity etc, to get inspiration and also figure what works best for my collection.
Lip products are the latest addition to my makeup collection and I suddenly have a lot of it. Balms, glosses, smoothies, lipsticks, so many varieties and everything was kept in a box. Hence I mostly just used whatever was out and accessible. For days on end I would wear the same colour.

When I was on holiday during the summer (perks of being a school teacher) I thought I would make a lipstick organizer here it is!!

Yaaay! I am excited.

Here is the finished organizer.

The steps are as follows.
Items you need:
1. Boxes of some sort. I used hair brush boxes
2. scissors or paper cutter.
3. Glue/ Gum
5. Stapler(optional)
6. Sticky tape/ cellotape.
7. Wrapping paper.
8. Cardboard of some kind.

Step 1.
Measure the height of the lipstick or gloss and cut the box to a height just less than that. That way it will be easy to pick out the lipstick rather than dig into a box in which the lipsticks have fallen.
Please be careful while using the scissors or paper cutter.

Step 2.
Tape the bottom (or the top) so that there is enough support.
In case it is an open ended box, then later on I will show you how to fix a bottom onto it.

and Voila! The container is ready.

Step 3.
You can leave it transparent or you can cover it with wrapping paper. Either way it looks good..

Step 4.
Arrange the containers onto a cardboard base to find the way you like it and then glue it/staple it/ tape it together and also stick it onto the cardboard base.
you could even paint the cardboard base.
And then you are done.

optional step.
If you have an open ended box, then place the box onto a piece of cardboard and mark dots onto the cardboard at the 4 corners.

Cut at a diagonal inward toward the point. and then fold 2 sides.
it may be hard to stick the overlapping corners so I just cut them to get  V at each corner. Then fold and stick.

The container is ready.

Easy na...

This type of organizer would work even for holding stationeries.

Do let me know if you try.

miss kays