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REVIEW: Avon Everlasting Mascara

This is a mascara that I have been meaning to review for ages. In fact it got over and I threw it away as well! And then when I was going through my phone pictures I realised I had never gotten around to reviewing this.
I really liked this mascara.
It made my eye lashes look nice in a very natural way. There wasn't any clumping of the lashes. Not much volume added but it did seem to lengthen the lashes. It isn't waterproof and that was fine for me. Easily removable with makeup remover.
Actually I wasn't planning to buy it. But there was an offer where if I bought 2 products I would get a glimmerstick eyeliner free and so I went ahead to buy this and a lipgloss. All for the love of a glimmerstick.

What I like about this product?
The black packaging with red writing on it give  very polished sophisticated look.
Adds length to lashes
Does not clump.
Didn't dry up easily.
Not waterproof. That may be an issue for some but I like that it isn't waterproof.
Gives very natural looking eye lashes.

What I don't like?
A bit expensive. Costed 499INR. (as compared to my usual Hypercurl mascara)
If you are looking for volume, then this is a wrong mascara to buy.
Other than that, I really don't have any issues with this mascara.
In flash light

In natural light

Would I buy it again?
Probably. I do like it but I do want to try out other mascaras before I repurchase this.

I mentioned that I bought this for the love a Glimmerstick, right. Well read about the glimmerstick here and the review of the lipgloss here.

Let me know if you have tried this mascara.

miss kays