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Makeup Haul!! (and it included MAC stuff)

I am so excited!!! I bought my first MAC products today and I am so excited. I already said that. I am so excited I can't even think of new words. So here is a short post celebrating my excitement.
P.S it is my sister's gift and funnily it is her birthday today. I must be the luckiest sis to get a gift on her birthday :D

The products are standard stuff- foundation, concealer, and lash glue. Yes I am expanding my experiments with makeup.

The bag with Maybelline written on it contains Bourjois stuff and new Maybelline stuff. And this concludes my makeup shopping for some time. I survived 3 months without buying anything before this. I am sure I can survive another 3 months. The only thing I do want to invest in is some Clinique skincare and a Body Shop body butter. But no more makeup for a while. I have tons of products to review and some outfit posts from my Andaman trip. But before all that I have a ton of papers to correct before I get a break from correction for about 2 months. Also my students will be graduating soon and I will be on stage for the Valedictory function as MC. I can't wait. Busy busy week ahead. Will be back with more posts as soon as all this gets done.

Till then

miss kays