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PROJECT HIDDEN JEWELS: Maybelline Colorsensational Crazy for Coffee Lipstick

I seem to have the attention span of a flea (why a flea, I don't know) but the point is that I seem to lose track of the reviews that I promise and the projects I intend to start. Such a short memory span.
So here is reviving a project that was supposed to have started months ago. Project Hidden Jewels.(Click here to read the first post talking about this)


LOTD: Featuring Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl in Noble Purple

Purple and Teal is my favourite combination. I remember in the 10th, my friend and I used to write all our chemistry notes in a sky blue and purple alternatively.


The Radiant Orchid Look


OOTD: Of Geometrical neck pieces

Accessories are essential to a wardrobe. The heroine of today's outfit, is a beautiful statement necklace with squares and rectangles in shades of purple.


Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6.

I love Maybelline. I have always loved Maybelline and in the past year the amazing products that they have released, they have a lot of people falling for them. This particular product, I actually saw a review of it on YouTube and the channel was DelhiFashionBlogger. She is damn cute and the other product that she had reviewed and that I really loved was the Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush (I still didn't buy the third. I am back on a spending ban.). So when I saw her talk about this small cute fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand lip polish I had to have it (I wasn't on a spending ban in Jan.. Oooh that rhymes.)


LOTD: Simple to Glam.

Ok so no crazy introductions today, lets just get straight into it. Two looks. Using only Maybelline products. Both wearable for work. One is a very simple, maybe more like a college wear kind of look. Natural clean look. With the addition of just 3 products, we go from simple to glam. Its a matter of minutes.


EOTD: 14.02.14

Now my Board Practical Exam was yesterday (ok not mine, but my students and that's as good as me writing it 24 times) and the past week has been really hectic with classes to take for the 11th and preparing the exam for the lab exam. So much of tension! Anyway it got over yesterday and most of my students have done really well. I slept well last night and got up wanting to go to school today looking pretty instead of looking harassed and tired.


Gifts and a Sample Review.

Evolution is advancement. In the past 3 years of working I have seen the mall near school evolve. Quite a few high end/ luxury brand have turned up in the mall. Today I walked in to find a MAC store (ok maybe not everyone finds MAC as a luxury but on a teacher's pay it sure is for me).


REVIEW: Maybelline HyperGlossy Eyeliner in Black.

I know I am like soooooo early with this review. I so busy using it that I forgot to review it.

Long long ago, I wrote a First Impressions post for this product and then completely forgot to review it (like many other products. I am getting to those slowly.)


Corallista Inspired LOTD.

Corallista/ Ankita is one of my favourites bloggers. I love reading her posts and there are videos as well. (Click here to read about my other favourite YouTube Gurus.)
One of her latest posts was a Rosy Look and it was really pretty. When I saw the lip colour she was wearing, I thought I would try an inspired look with Maybelline Lip polish in Glam 6. As you know I have been wearing this a lot lately.
So here is my recreation of Corallista's look.