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Gifts and a Sample Review.

Evolution is advancement. In the past 3 years of working I have seen the mall near school evolve. Quite a few high end/ luxury brand have turned up in the mall. Today I walked in to find a MAC store (ok maybe not everyone finds MAC as a luxury but on a teacher's pay it sure is for me).
I also saw a Crabtree and Evelyn store and decided to walk in. And it just smells so pretty!! All floral and fragrant. I went to the mall looking for a hand cream for my mother (it was for her birthday) and hand cream is like what she uses the most in terms of skincare. So I picked up a gift set of 3 different fragrances of hand cream. All have shea butter so it should be good.

So when I picked this up, he also gave me some samples- body lotion and a hand cream. 

Now just a few days ago I stumbled upon some samples that I had from The Body Shop and decided that it was time to use it and review it. As it is a sample size, I will so a sample review and make these sample reviews into a mini section. What do you say?

So the sample review that I am starting with a The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Oil.

The first thing that I noticed about this sample was the size. I don't have long hair, it like till the mid point of my back and the amount of oil present (5ml) was more than enough to oil my entire scalp and hair.
The thing I hated about this oil- the smell!!! It totally turned me off and well kept my family away from me for a few hours.
The ingredients list says that there are a bunch of oils mixed with coconut oil.
Having talked about the smell I think I should mention that I loved the effect it had on my hair. it completely washes out and left my hair feeling really soft and smooth and my brush just went sliding through my hair.
My hair did look less frizzy than usual and this was without me using my regular leave-in serum.

In summary, I did like it and I may consider buying a bottle. Currently I am using another hair oil (next in line for review). So once that finishes I will consider buying this, if I can get over the smell.

Have you used The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Oil? DO let me know.

miss kays