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OOTD: Of Geometrical neck pieces

Accessories are essential to a wardrobe. The heroine of today's outfit, is a beautiful statement necklace with squares and rectangles in shades of purple.

My friend gave it as a gift and she got it from Canada. It is handcrafted.

I've worn it with a sari that I got for my birthday. (Click here to see that)

For today's look, I wanted to give it a slightly different look and and not a soft feminine look like what I did for my birthday.

The geometrical shapes in the chain give it this modern edgy look. I wore a soft thin silver bracelet and a watch with a rectangular face and a slightly psychedelic design (well actually it is my sister's watch).

The makeup that I paired with this outfit involved a coloured eyeliner and neutral face and lips.

To tone down the teal, I accented purple and grey/ silver in my accessories and makeup. This gives it a complimentary look rather than a huge contrast.
My hair looks crazy because I took it at the end of the day.

So what do you think?

miss kays