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3 Lakme products for the coming summer season.

So first off let me say that my eye is getting better so I have been wearing eyeliner, just not on the waterline. Bangalore is getting so hot already!! This is the spring season for many places, but Bangalore seems have to hit summer already.

Today I decided to wear a nice bright look and kept light and summery.
The main points of focus is the smudged eyeliner, the bright cheeks and the pink lips.
This is the look:

There are three Lakme products that are my top picks for the upcoming summer.

1) Lakme Eyeconic kajal- Smudged looks are soft and light, and I think the eyeconic kajal works nicely because it isn't too dark and smudges easily.

2) Lakme Blush Duo in Coral Blush - Bright colours and both the colours are meant for summer. I just swirled the brush to pick up a mix of both colours.

3) Lakme Pop Tint in Berry Pink- one would expect this to be a more darker colour considering the name, but on my lips it is a pretty everyday kind of pink and of course, lovely for the hot weather.

Do you have any products that your favourites for the summer to come? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

miss kays


p.s. did you notice I am smiling in the pictures??