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REVIEW: Deborah Milano Compact Powder in 02

As you can see I am literally hitting pan in this compact and I am finally reviewing it. Why did it take me so long to review it?? Well I was a bit confused. I loved it when I picked it up and then I didn't like it for a while (or so I thought), but actually I do like it. It just took time to get used to it.

Lakme Perfect Radiance in 06 was the one compact that I had used ever since it was launched. The shade was amazing for my skin tone and then one time when I went to buy it, the SA told me that it was no longer in production and so I bought 05, but it was too light. So one day, when I walked into New U, I carried my Lakme Perfect Radiance and bought the Deborah Milano compact powder in the shade 02. Instead of swatching the Deborah powder, I just held these two side by side and decided which shade I wanted.

The Review
Simple sturdy packing. It has a goldenish cover that looks elegant and comes with a puff (like all compacts). When I bought it, the SA told me that I could use it wet as well and not just as a dry powder. Which meant if I used a foundation brush that had been moistened or a wet sponge, I could apply this like a regular foundation but it wouldn't give me much coverage.I have not really used it as a foundation.
I love the fact that it is finely milled, very smooth and just a tad lighter than my skin tone. It goes well with my L'Oreal True match foundation and now I am using MAC StudioFinish Liquid foundation and this works well even with that.
It supposed to have minerals in it and I think that is why it gives such a smooth finish. I think for a person who has clear skin, they could probably use just this as foundation.
There is a slight scent, nothing overwhelming, very subtle and it goes away with time.
I have combination skin and I have seen that this keeps oil at bay for about 3 - 4 hours. During winter, my skin looks more dewy than oily so it's fine, but during summer I like to have a matte foundation to keep oil away as much as possible.
If you have dry skin under the eyes, it will settle in the creases. So dust it very lightly.
I love the way it sets my entire foundation, gives it a very smooth finish. (I have used this with the L'Oreal true match, MAC Studio Finish, Revlon Whipped ColourStay foundation and also the Maybelline ClearGlow Stick)
I haven't had any breakouts because of this product.
If I do have to touch up (which I rarely do), I blot the oil away before I dust this powder.
More than anything I am so happy that I managed to use it up. Now I can buy a new one and maybe try a different brand. (I am working on a new project. I will talk about that in another post)

Price: I bought it so long ago, I kinda don't remember the price very well. I think about 535INR.

What I liked about this product:
Finely milled
Very smooth finish
Sets foundation well.
Lasts for months.

What I don't like about this product:
It lasts 3-4 hours and sometimes I find myself wishing it lasted longer.
There is not a very wide shade selection. So you may not get a perfect match.

Will I buy it again?
Well it isn't exactly the HG compact and I do want to try another brand. So I guess I won't buying ti again for now.

Have you tried this compact powder? Do let me know in the comments.

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