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Some rambling.. An update

So the Internet connection has been kind of crappy the past 2 days and that's why I haven't been able to post. To add to that I have a slight swelling in my eye for a while now (read a while as more than a month) and I went for an eye check up today. Turns out it is a cyst that burst and is healing and so basically this rules out any EOTDs or LOTDs for a while. Atleast for 20 days. I have eye drops to use and so I don't want to use makeup and mess with the healing process..
I do have a couple of LOTDs already clicked and ready to be edited but for the rest of the month I guess there will be some reviews and that's about it.. I may not post as often as last month but I will still be around.
I just thought i should update my readers as to why I may go MIA for a while.

miss kays