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OOTD: The boho elegant look

Remember I saw Rio 2 on Election day.
This is what I wore that day.


REVIEW: L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish in 403

The colour on my nails for the past week is from L'Oreal. Funnily it is the first L'Oreal nailpolish I have bought (and not been gifted) and the only one I own currently (I cleared out the rest, they were ancient)
I picked this up on a whim and I am quite happy I did.


What's in my bag #1

Today was Election day in Karnataka, a holiday for most of us and I had a great day! We went to my cousin's place for lunch and then I went for Rio 2 with some friends. That is seriously the most colourful movie I have seen in a while. While going to my cousin's place I was staring at my bag and I thought, Hey I've never done a What's in my bag post. So here it is, the very first, " What's in my bag".


JLT #1: The Spending ban and more

JLT means Just Like That. So this post and such posts to come will be about the most random stuff possible. Whatever I feel like rambling about. And I do tend to ramble. of course, if there is anything you would like me to ramble out, let me know. We can totally talk about that.


OOTD: The Sky Blue Kurta

So its been a while since I did an outfit post and here I have not one, but two outfits in one post. Its always fun to try and wear a top in different ways, right? Just changing one aspect can bring out a whole new look giving you one more outfit to wear from your existing wardrobe.
We see kurtas in so many different hues these days but I wanted to highlight a single colour kurta and I chose one of my favourite colours- sky blue.


Giveaway Alert!

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Celebrity Inspired LOTD: Shraddha Kapoor

It is very rare that I watch Coffee with Karan and the episode with Shraddha kapoor was one of those rare ones and the first thing I noticed, maybe the only thing I noticed was her makeup. Ever since I started beauty blogging, I am pretty sure that subconsciously I am always looking for inspiration for my next look. Seeing Shraddha Kapoor that day gave me inspiration alright.


Monthly Favourites: March

Ok so I don't have any makeup favourites for this month mainly because I barely used any makeup this month. I do a few skin care products and some other favourites.


I went shopping.

Hello people! yes I know I sound like I am in a great mood and who wouldn't be after they go shopping!! yes shopping. I know I know, I am supposed to be on a spending ban and I still am, so let me explain.