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I went shopping.

Hello people! yes I know I sound like I am in a great mood and who wouldn't be after they go shopping!! yes shopping. I know I know, I am supposed to be on a spending ban and I still am, so let me explain.Since Feb 1st I have not shopped for cosmetics or even facewash. So I had started to run out of essential stuff like tissues, face wipes and makeup remover. My pretty Deborah Milano compact (click here for review) had hit pan and today morning the last hairclip I owned broke. That was it. I just had to go to Health and Glow and get these things. So I wrote a list and decided to buy only those items... and then a few.

So here is what all I bought.

I took my Deborah compact with me to match the shade. I did like the L'Oreal True match one, but woah it is like 925INR! So I settled for Colorbar (which was a whopping 699INR, but I did save 200 bucks.)

The items of indulgence was the Health and Glow kabuki brush. Yes a kabuki brush by Health and Glow I just HAD to have it! That and the BB cream from Garnier were the extra stuff (in my defense, my Maybelline BB cream is almost over. I was just stocking up) The footscrub is essential, my old one died some time ago.

So that was my shopping for today. 

Technically I only bought stuff I need and was running out of. So technically I haven't broken my spending ban, right?

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  1. Great haul dear,, u picked quite a lot of stuff! :)