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JLT #1: The Spending ban and more

JLT means Just Like That. So this post and such posts to come will be about the most random stuff possible. Whatever I feel like rambling about. And I do tend to ramble. of course, if there is anything you would like me to ramble out, let me know. We can totally talk about that.

First and foremost I feel like I must tell you all about my spending ban and the ummm... well.. the ending of it. So as most of you know I was on a spending ban and then I went shopping. (click here to see what all I bought). I justified my shopping by saying it was all stuff I need blah blah.. and then well I completely broke the spending ban by shopping for chappals. Yes ladies, chappals. And I justified that by saying that my mom and sister use my chappals as well, so we needed more pairs, just another 6 more.

And finally I decided I had to end the shopping ban by buying a concealer and fixing powder. So I'm officially off the spending ban. It lasted for two months. I'm coming up with a new plan in the months to come. More on that in the next post.

I haven't put any LOTDs in a while, because the weather is playing havoc with my skin. The heat has my sebaceous glands working overtime, all the time and I have some major breakouts, Ok so maybe it isn't just the weather, but also my lack of will to stay away from pickles and oily stuff. I do have a problem that I had started to talk about here and then I totally forgot about the part two. So I will have that up soon as well. I am waiting for my skin to go back to normal and then I will get back to using makeup.
Once I have my summer skin routine sorted out, I will post that.

I have some NOTDs waiting to be posted. Thanks to exam corrections I haven't had the time to edit the pictures. I don't get any holiday for Good Friday as well. Even Saturdays are working. So hopefully Sunday i shall sit to edit that. BTW, it is a long weekend for most people in Karnataka. Elections day on 17th, Good Friday 18th and then Saturday and Sunday. Lucky people them. 

Ok that's all the rambling for today. I basically cannot sit for long to type after sitting for 6 hours of correction. 
Till the next post here are the pictures of what I bought, the stuff that ended my shopping ban.

miss kays