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Monthly Favourites: March

Ok so I don't have any makeup favourites for this month mainly because I barely used any makeup this month. I do a few skin care products and some other favourites.

Skin care

Clinique All About eyes:
This is an under eye cream and I was on the fence about this until I used The Body Shop Under eye gel and then it hit me. I really liked the Clinique one. Waaaay more than the TBS one and I am going to go back to using the Clinique one next one.

The Body Shop Vit E Nourishing Night Cream:
There isn't a night when I haven't applied this before going to sleep. It has truly become a part of my night skin care routine.

Other favourites

TV programs:
Ok I know this is kind of old, but I have been watching Gilmore Girls are soooo long and I love it. I love their sarcasm and the long twisted fast dialogue delivery. They are totally my kind of people. They speak the language I do.
There is also Hart of Dixie that I have been watching and I really like Annabeth. i think its not just her character but also the makeup and her style of dressing. I'm thinking one post I will do focussing on their makeup and style.

I know this is a strange one, but my dad's friend got these biscuits from a bakery in malleshwaram and they are to die for. I am not kidding. Soft and crumbly. You can just taste the butter in the biscuits and it melts in your mouth leaving you with a sugar rush. Some have bits cashew and badam in them that just adds that crunchy surprise in the middle of the biscuit. Yumm! (PS no pictures because all the biscuits got over before I could click a picture.)

I know this is a strange bunch of favourites for this month. Do share what your favourites for the month of March has been.

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  1. awww..this is such a nice post..something different..

  2. Just chanced upon your blog and going through it in detail now :) The Gilmore Girls bit caught my surprise bcos it is my favourite TV series!

    1. Its just great to sit and relax with na. Esp in comparison to all the drama of shows like Greys anatomy and Pretty Little Liars.
      I hope you enjoy reading.. :)

  3. I also love the Gilmore Girls. It's a clever show. :)

    I got this packet of shea butter from a company called Karitex. It's a really intense moisturizer and it's good for dry skin. I have also been loving my Lancome eyeshadow palette in Bronze Amour.

    1. lancome. That is a brand I am yet to try. Have you reviewed it ?