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OOTD: The boho elegant look

Remember I saw Rio 2 on Election day.
This is what I wore that day.

The top has a real boho feel to it. My sister says it reminds her of a Shakespearean era style. There is a little work done and it looks very elegant. More than anything I love the colour!
I paired it with my Lee jeans (click here to see the jeans in another OOTD) and accessorized it with a simple bracelet. This bracelet is made of beads and has a very earthy feel to it. These earrings have just gotten me so so many compliments!!!
Keeping with the whole boho feel, I added a few twists in my hair and then plaited it.

The bag is what you guys have seen here.

Outfit breakdown

Top- Wills Lifestyle but a gift from my uncle, so price is unknown.
Jeans-  Lee Diamond Cut Maxi,  extra low, slim skinny 2299 INR
Bracelet- Ants boutique 199 INR
Earrings- gift from my best friend
Bag- from somewhere abroad.
Shoes- roadside for 200 INR.
Does it look boho to you guys? Or is that just in my head?

miss kays