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What's in my bag #1

Today was Election day in Karnataka, a holiday for most of us and I had a great day! We went to my cousin's place for lunch and then I went for Rio 2 with some friends. That is seriously the most colourful movie I have seen in a while. While going to my cousin's place I was staring at my bag and I thought, Hey I've never done a What's in my bag post. So here it is, the very first, " What's in my bag".

About the bag
The bag is from London bought by my dad. I have had it for about 5 or 6 years now. I think it not only looks elegant but is also a bit edgy.
Today I chose this to complete my outfit that had a very boho feel to it.

What was inside?

1) My wallet I picked this is up in some random shop in BTM layout and paid just 250INR for it. I love the colour, it is my favourite. 
2)  Pack of tissues
3) Wet tissues.
4) Maybelline Clearglow
5) My box with glasses (I was wearing contact lenses)
6) Lens solution and case
7) Sunglasses and a scrunchie
8)My sister's wallet. (yes that was also in my bag) 
10) My house keys. Forgot to click that.

So whats in your bag today??

miss kays


p.s. Did you guys like this kind of post? Should I continue with this once in a month?