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The month that was, and the month that will be.

Hello Everyone.

May went really well for me. It made me push myself to a different level to blog everyday. It truly was an effort and it paid off. It has made my creative juices flow. I have put in a lot of work in trying out products, clicking pictures and editing posts. It showed me what I was capable of it and I would like to thank my readers for all their support, the lovely comments and even some emails.

There were a lot of hauls that happened during May so I guess I am going back on my Spending Ban or something like it. 

June will be different. As I have an exam coming up,  I will be posting only two or three times a week. I intend to bring in as much variety as possible, and do indepth reviews. Posting thrice a week will give me time to plan the posts more creatively and also do more LOTDs and Outfits. And oh most importantly it will give me time to study :P It will also give you all time to catch up with reading of blogs. I know how hard it is to follow a blog that posts everyday. Sometimes I miss out on posts. So this way, with the posts being spaced out, you will not miss out on any of them. 

Do follow me on twitter, facebook or bloglovin' and you will be updated as soon as I have a post up.

June will also see me try some new challenges. I will keep you posted on those.
Moving into favourites for this month.

On a separate note I just wanted to mention that we are getting a new landline connection so it is possible that I will not have Internet for a few days and so I will not be posting. Depends on how fast the connection is done.

Have a great month ahead!

miss kays



What to wear for a girls day out: Styled on Motilo

Motilo is a unique social editorial platform for women to create, share and discover fashion content. Fashion lovers are given the opportunity to join an informed fashion community to solve fashion dilemmas alongside influential stylists, designers and bloggers.
Motilo is the perfect platform for women looking to style their favourite products into bespoke style content adding a unique visual element to fashion posts.
- Refresh your wardrobe with expert advice
- Create, style and shop with other members
- Ask a question and get answers from our community

Here is the look that I put together on Motilo.

Summer means whites and brights. I decided to keep a flowery theme here. So that it isn't too flowery, only the hairband and the earrings are flowery. There is a lot of colour in the top. I wanted to focus the attention on colour amongst all of that and so I chose purple wedges. I think even pink would look great.
The is perfect because it keeps with the theme of white with a multi colour trimming. Since it is a crossbody bag, your hands are free to eat, drink, and carry lots of shopping bags or get a manicure and not mess it up.
The gold bracelet is a zipper bracelet. Gold to tie the whole look together and the zipper gives it that slight edge so that you don't look like a delicate flower.

Motilo is a fun way to create looks without spending money. And once you have created a look you are happy with, you can shop for the same.

So what do you think of the look I created?

miss kays


Summer-time Style from Bonobos

My dad always comes to me when he has a dilemma of whether a pant compliments a shirt. He calls me his ‘in-house fashion consultant’ and I like to believe that I do a good job of it.

So when Jason, from Bonobos, contacted me to take a look at their new summer collection, I did and here is what I think about it.


Summer Ma(Y)gic Series: All posts

Here is a list of the all the posts that I did under the Summer Ma(Y)gic series

Summer Ma(Y)gic #20: The journey so far.
Summer Ma(Y)gic #19: International products haul
Summer Ma(Y)gic #18: LOTD Featuring Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss in papaya
Summer Ma(Y)gic #17: OOTD: The green pants.
Summer Ma(Y)gic #16: REVIEW: Nature's Essence Aromatherapy Nourishing Body lotion
Summer Ma(Y)gic #14: Clothes haul from Wills Lifestyle
Summer Ma(Y)gic #13: REVIEW: Faces High Shine nail enamel in 41 Fashionista
Summer Ma(Y)gic #12: OOTD: Lunch with school friends.
Summer Ma(Y)gic #11: REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Kohl in Noble Purple.
Summer Ma(Y)gic #10: Blog sale haul

Summer Ma(Y)gic #20: The journey so far.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #19: International products haul

I know I know. I seem to be shopping a lot!!! I am telling you. The past two months have just been showering me with stuff. I sort of saved the best for the end.
So this post isn't completely a haul. Why? Because I bought some of it and the rest was given to me by my bestie. She works in a company that deals with cosmetics and so she gets free samples every now and then, Once she had booked tickets to come down to India, she collected some of these samples for me. She is the best!!

So lets take a look at what I bought and then at what she gave.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #18: LOTD Featuring Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss in papaya

So as promised here is the look to go with the OOTD that you saw yesterday. (Click here to see me wear green pants.)
With orange being the 'in' colour I decided to use the Revlon Colourburst Lip Gloss in papaya for the first time. I kept the eyemakeup simple. A peachy brown look with a metallic khaki green eyeliner. (I have worn this eyeliner before here). Some contouring. More bronze with hints of peach for the blush. I have used A LOT of products layered so that it lasts longer. I like layering because I find it lasts longer.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #17: OOTD: The green pants.

It is already post number 17. I am so close to achieving 20 posts and I am so excited!!  I have managed to blog everyday this month from the 6th (except on Sundays) and that is a really feat for me. I am so proud of me.

Well Today I give you another OOTD and this will be followed by an LOTD tomorrow.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #16: REVIEW: Nature's Essence Aromatherapy Nourishing Body lotion

I have never ever thought of reviewing a moisturizer until I started reading blogs. I've just used moisturiser and that's it. Never really put much thought into it. The things you learn on your journey as a blogger are many.
So here goes for my first review of a moisturiser.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #15: My current favourite bloggers

There are some blogs that we just can't stay away from. We go back and see them a million times a day to see if they have updated it and feel sad if they haven't posted anything for that day. It is like an addiction. We read and reread their reviews because no one writes it quite like them (unless this is just me?)
Well in the past few months I have stumbled upon some great blogs!! Some of these bloggers are just a few months old in the field on blogging and my my, they are doing amazingly. So today I want to share with you the blogs that I am currently loving.

My Fun Friday Giveaway winner.

So I had a very short, very quick giveaway last week. And there were only three people who followed all the rules and picking a winner was so easy with

The Winner of the Five Hundred rupee gift voucher from Flipkart.

Keep reading for the surprise.

Now there were loads of people who liked my FB page and who have been following me regularly, so I decided to choose one more winner from all those who have liked my page and give them a gift voucher worth rupees three hundred from Flipakart.
So the lucky winner of that is....

Congrats to the winners!!

miss kays



Summer Ma(Y)gic #14: Clothes haul from Wills Lifestyle

My sister and I have a thing, when we go shopping at Wills Lifestyle, its usually around 8pm. The store closes at 9.30pm and its pretty peaceful at this time. We waltz into the store like we are the Upper Eastsiders (if you don't watch Gossip Girl this won't make sense), we just pick up stuff, occupy both the trial rooms, keep talking between the rooms, walk out, twirl around and comment on each others choice of clothing. Then we go out, pick up more stuff and repeat. Its the most fun way to shop.The trial rooms are always empty at that time and we feel like princesses or the likes of one. Then once we are done trying atleast 10 pieces of clothing, we choose about 2 or 3 items overall and then bill it. This time we did go a little overboard and what I am about to show you is just the stuff I bought. Not my sister's. Please don't judge us. We shop like this rarely.

So here goes.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #13: REVIEW: Faces High Shine nail enamel in 41 Fashionista

So so many product lined up for review. Its just crazy!! Today's review is my second FACES nail enamel. I didn't have even one and suddenly in two weeks I have two. One that I bought from a blog sale (click here to read all about it) and one that I won in a giveaway (click here to see what else I won).

I already reviewed the one I bought. Click here to read about it.

Auditioning #1


Summer Ma(Y)gic #12: OOTD: Lunch with school friends.

I think ever since I started blogging I have posted an OOTD of my reunion with my school friends almost every time. (Click here and here to see the previous ones).
This time I have Outfits Of the Day not because I wore multiple outfits in one day but I decided to feature my friends' outfits as well.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #11: REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Kohl in Noble Purple.

I thought being on holiday would slow down the reviews because I usually wear makeup to work and that's how I test my product to review it. But after I started this Summer Ma(Y)gic series, I realised that I would have to use makeup products at home so that I could review them. So now I sit and study with eyeliner on or lipstick on and every two hours I am checking in the mirror about the status of the product and jotting it down in my notebook.
I think thanks to that I have a really detailed review of this product. I noticed some things that I am sure I would have missed had I just used it for work and gone about it my usual way (either that or I'm a better beauty blogger than I give myself credit)

Lets get into the review.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #10: Blog sale haul

Being on a spending ban is like being on a crash diet. You eat like a pig once you are off the diet. Well once I went off the spending ban, that's how I shopped. And to tempt me further, all these blogs had sales on some fabulous products that I just HAD to have.
So lets get right into it.


Introducing: The Collablog Diaries.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #9: Fun Friday giveaway. [CLOSED]

So this giveaway is being hosted on a whim or rather on an alliteration.
(Didn't understand? read till the end)


Summer Ma(Y)gic #8: REVIEW: Faces nail colour in Coral Pink

This is one of the most aptly nail polishes that I have used. It is called Coral Pink and it is coral pink.
This is my first Faces nail polish and I was quite impressed with it.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #7: SAMPLE REVIEW: L'Oreal HyrdraFresh Lip Balm

So you are probably going to wonder why this is a sample review when I am reviewing a lip balm. How could a lip balm come in a sample size?
Well the thing is this lip balm as part of a set. One time when I was shopping in Lifestyle and staring at moisturisers, I chanced upon the Hydrafresh aqua cream at the L'Oreal counter. You all know I love that moisturiser (Click here to read the full review). Anyway after I used up my first tub of the Hydrafresh aqua cream I went back for the second and that time they has this offer. It was a set- the Hydrafresh cream, Hydrafresh facewash and Hydrafresh Lip Balm. The overall thing cost 849 INR. I think. It was so long ago that I don't have the prices or the box. Since it was part of a set and I didn't exactly 
It's been a while since I did a sample review (Click here to read the previous one) so lets get into it. 


Summer Ma(Y)gic #6: What's in my travel makeup kit.

So continuing with the travel series, I thought I would show you guys the makeup that I carried for the Yercaud trip.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #5: I won a Giveaway and more...

Just when you start to fall asleep the doorbell rings or the phone rings. That's pretty annoying usually. But for the past week its been raining packages and all for me!!! (The doorbell is still pretty annoying and my mom keeps asking me how many more an I expecting). First some stuff from a blog sale, then a book from Flipkart. then some more stuff from another blog sale and today I got the prize that I won in a giveaway!!!
(I am expecting one more package from a third blog sale. Shhh. Don't tell my mom. I will do a blog sale haul post once everything comes)


Summer Ma(Y)gic #4: The Brand. The Product #2: Maybelline nail colours

This time we will be looking at nail colors from Maybelline- Colorama, Express Finish and Color Show


Summer Ma(Y)gic #3: What's in my bag: Travel Edition

It's raining bags in my house. In a span of a week I got like 4 new bags. 4! (Do you guys want to see them?)
The one that I took on the Yercaud trip was the biggest one. It is from Fastrack and it is huge and roomy.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #2:REVIEW: Clinique All about Eyes

This is the first under eye cream that I have religiously used for three months. I wasn't too sure how much I liked this product until I stopped using it and then realised that it had made a difference to my skincare routine.

Being in my late twenties I do have fine lines and crows feet that have started to make an appearance and when I woke up one morning to that realisation I freaked out and  hunted for an eye cream.


Summer Ma(Y)gic #1: The Travel Series

So to start off my Summer Ma(Y)gic posts I thought I would do set a posts of my latest holiday.


Introducing: SUMMER MA(Y)GIC

So I have a thing for coming up with names with a totally south indian accent. You may have noticed that my blog's name is actually style awhile but add a tamizh accent and some pizzazz to it and it becomes ishtyle awhile. That's the same idea behind magic pronounced may gic.
Anyway... I was talking about getting out of a rut in one of my previous posts (click here to read it) and so this month is all about having some fun, trying new things and blogging as much as I can. You are going to see a variety of posts coming up (besides just makeup reviews)- hauls, outfits, challenges, anecdotes, some posts related to health and fitness,  a travel series and a few surprises (I don't want to 'giveaway' everything).
The blog design is going to revamped. It is basically my month for experimenting and I intend to have a lot of fun.
Summer Ma(y)gic is going to run all through  May. For the first time I sort of have a schedule for the month and I am aiming at atleast 20 posts for this month. I did think of doing a post a day, but since I didn't exactly start this on May 1st I figured it would be more practical to try for 20.
This is partially inspired by MakeupMayHEM by Elle Fowler, partially inspired the random challenges that I have read about but most of all it is because about trying something new.

This is a blog about  makeup styles, fashion styles, lifestyles, and what makes my style!
After all, style is what you make of it.

Happy Holidays People!

miss kays



The Weekend Tea Party with Mily

Ok so the weekend is over and everyone is back to work. I was out of town this weekend and so I decided I had to catch up with my blog reading and that's pretty much what I have been doing all morning. ( I follow one too many blogs).  Mily's blog had this interesting tag post and I just had to do it. Tag posts are so much fun to read and do.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Hello Everyone!
I am back from a mini vacation, refreshed and relaxed and full of ideas for the blog. It is time for some variety. So this May is going to see my blog and me try different things. 
I have been in a rut for a while but things have been changing in my life (whether or not I like it :P). I have finally decided to get a hold of things and take charge.
You are going to see a lot of new series/ projects that I will be undertaking this month. Some people may feel  I am taking on too much (I am known to do that) but hey, no pain, no gain right??
So here is to Variety. I mean life would get boring without a bit of it all! Cheers

miss kays