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Introducing: SUMMER MA(Y)GIC

So I have a thing for coming up with names with a totally south indian accent. You may have noticed that my blog's name is actually style awhile but add a tamizh accent and some pizzazz to it and it becomes ishtyle awhile. That's the same idea behind magic pronounced may gic.
Anyway... I was talking about getting out of a rut in one of my previous posts (click here to read it) and so this month is all about having some fun, trying new things and blogging as much as I can. You are going to see a variety of posts coming up (besides just makeup reviews)- hauls, outfits, challenges, anecdotes, some posts related to health and fitness,  a travel series and a few surprises (I don't want to 'giveaway' everything).
The blog design is going to revamped. It is basically my month for experimenting and I intend to have a lot of fun.
Summer Ma(y)gic is going to run all through  May. For the first time I sort of have a schedule for the month and I am aiming at atleast 20 posts for this month. I did think of doing a post a day, but since I didn't exactly start this on May 1st I figured it would be more practical to try for 20.
This is partially inspired by MakeupMayHEM by Elle Fowler, partially inspired the random challenges that I have read about but most of all it is because about trying something new.

This is a blog about  makeup styles, fashion styles, lifestyles, and what makes my style!
After all, style is what you make of it.

Happy Holidays People!

miss kays