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Summer Ma(Y)gic #1: The Travel Series

So to start off my Summer Ma(Y)gic posts I thought I would do set a posts of my latest holiday.

We had gone to Yercaud for just two days and two nights. We stayed at a guest house that my cousin had arrranged. It was just a place to sleep.
Yercaud is a hill station in Tamil Nadu with the foothills in Salem. We drove down and it took about 3 and half hours with a small breakfast halt at Adayar anand Bhavan just past Krishnagiri.
The drive from the foothills had 20 hairpin bends and my kid sister drove all the way up. I just slept half the journey. That's what I always do.
I just sit and sleep and read and get up and eat at regular intervals when we travel by car.
I keep saying ' We' without telling you who the we is. My mom, my dad and my sister. My cousin brother joined us at Salem.

So Yercaud is this pretty little town by a little lake. You have to reach the lake to go to any other place. We reached there in time for lunch, a bit of a late lunch at this unbelievably small Saravana Bhavana Elite that served a very tasty sambar rice and tomato rice. After finishing up the meal with curd rice we reached the guest house and flopped on the bed and just slept.

That evening we went to the lake and we were so early that the boating had closed for the day (sarcasm). It was a very pleasant evening so we just walked around, had some corn on the cob and a pathetic tea and then went for dinner. Post dinner, it was cards time! Oh my god. We played Rummy and Mail and taught the parents to play Poker. It was so much fun!.
The lady who made the corn.

The next day mom, dad and me went for a nice long walk up till Killiyur falls but didn't actually go to the falls. It is dry now so we figured no point in walking 200 steps to the falls.
The morning walk. Those are my parents.
After rolling my sister and cousin brother out of bed and pushing them to go shower we finally left to go to the Maha Meru Temple. The concept of a Meru, to put it in simple terms, its is a chakra in 3D, so it takes on a pyramid shape.

Then the Shervaroyan temple, he is the God who protects the hills where Yercaud is found and the temple is basically a cave. That is just fascinating, right?

The view from Shervaroyan temple 

Then boating. Just as we sat in the boat, it started to drizzle so we went for a small round in the boat in the drizzle. The lake is small, I mean Ulsoor lake is larger (only Bangalore people will get the reference.) It was pretty and we just chilled while someone else rowed.
Lunch was a buffet at GRT Salem heights. Oh wow! Whatte spread it was!! We ate and ate and ate.  You get the idea.

The view from GRT hotel. No wonder it is called Salem Heights or was it Salem Rocks?

My oh so pretty sister walking up to the top part of the hotel

And get this, there are 3 places called ladies seat, gents seat and children's seat. Those are view points.
Who chose the names!! Like really.  We couldn't bear the thought of three viewpoints so we went to just one. Only ladies seat.

On the way back I forced them to stop at a perfumery type shop and picked up almond oil (fresh almond oil, not the manufactured kind) aloe vera gel and anthor mixture of oils meant for aches and pains.
By the time we finished all this sight seeing it was 4pm and we decided to head back to the guest house and sleep.

And sleep we did, till 7.30pm! Then we just went hunting for some curd rice. We were kind of still stuffed from lunch and we found one place that had curd rice.

That was the trip. We left the next morning to Coimbatore. And then back to Bangalore.

So what.s next in the series?

Stay tuned for what's in my travel bag..

miss kays