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Summer Ma(Y)gic #10: Blog sale haul

Being on a spending ban is like being on a crash diet. You eat like a pig once you are off the diet. Well once I went off the spending ban, that's how I shopped. And to tempt me further, all these blogs had sales on some fabulous products that I just HAD to have.
So lets get right into it.

First was a sale on Mily's blog- Pinkrimage.

Here is what I bought from her blog. 

My sister loves the bag! it is just gorgeous! I love the MAC eye shadow and the and the nail polish from Faces. Click here to read the review of the nail polish.
She was a sweetheart and sent me the kajal and the Cover girl eyeshadows as gifts.

Next was the sale on Poonam's blog- Beauty and Makeup matters.
She teased us by putting up the list of items long before the sale and the minute I saw the Oriflame blush I just had to buy it. So I waited and waited for the sale and bought it along with some other interesting products. Like the IN2IT is a really fascinating eye shadow (Can it be called an eye shadow?) The Revlon lip gloss was another product that I have been wanting to try.

Now interestingly, the stuff from Poonam's sale was the last to come. It reached Bangalore but it took 4 days to reach my house. It took a zillion calls to get them to deliver it pronto! Sheesh. 

So those two buys were planned. The unplanned one was the sale on Heena's blog- Vanity case box.
I saw NYX stuff and ELF Blush and I decided to buy it. The MUA blush was a free gift.

All in all it was a good haul. As you may have noticed I have a sort of blush spree going on here.

Now I also got some stuff from my friend who just came down from New York. That's for another post.

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