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Summer Ma(Y)gic #14: Clothes haul from Wills Lifestyle

My sister and I have a thing, when we go shopping at Wills Lifestyle, its usually around 8pm. The store closes at 9.30pm and its pretty peaceful at this time. We waltz into the store like we are the Upper Eastsiders (if you don't watch Gossip Girl this won't make sense), we just pick up stuff, occupy both the trial rooms, keep talking between the rooms, walk out, twirl around and comment on each others choice of clothing. Then we go out, pick up more stuff and repeat. Its the most fun way to shop.The trial rooms are always empty at that time and we feel like princesses or the likes of one. Then once we are done trying atleast 10 pieces of clothing, we choose about 2 or 3 items overall and then bill it. This time we did go a little overboard and what I am about to show you is just the stuff I bought. Not my sister's. Please don't judge us. We shop like this rarely.

So here goes.

This was the first thing that I set my eyes on when I walked in and I just HAD to have it. It fit beautifully. I have a thing for a high collar. I also really liked the detailing in the front. I think it can be worn as a formal top and a casual one.

One of my favourite YouTubers is Xteener and I remember in one of her hauls she showed a top like this with gold detailing on the shoulder and I thought it looked fabulous!! So when I saw this I had to try it and it looks great.

You can never have too many blacks. This is not a lace shirt but it is kind of translucent so I think it can be made to work for a semi formal look and also clubbing. With a coloured tank inside, and some sexy black jeans, you would be the star of the club, or rather I would be.

The last top is just a simple tee. Well not so simple. Just check out the funky stripe design. I think red is lovely colour and since it is a tee shirt, it is perfect for just going out and well probably go shopping (ok kidding, I am not shopping for clothes for a while)

These are two pants that I bought some time ago and I still haven't gotten around to wearing them. The green is my first pair of coloured pants. (I know right! My first pair!) and the scarf, well I just love the retro style.

As you can see the price tags haven't even been removed but no worries, there are some occasions coming up and I have outfit posts in mind already.

miss kays


P.S tomorrow I will announce the winner of the giveaway and there is a surprise along with that. Stay tuned.

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