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Summer Ma(Y)gic #15: My current favourite bloggers

There are some blogs that we just can't stay away from. We go back and see them a million times a day to see if they have updated it and feel sad if they haven't posted anything for that day. It is like an addiction. We read and reread their reviews because no one writes it quite like them (unless this is just me?)
Well in the past few months I have stumbled upon some great blogs!! Some of these bloggers are just a few months old in the field on blogging and my my, they are doing amazingly. So today I want to share with you the blogs that I am currently loving.

I first saw Poonam's eye makeup post as a guest blog on another blog, and I have been following her ever since. She has some really unique features such as a Makeup Marksheet (obviously the teacher in me loves that!!). She is really sweet as well and takes the time to respond to all sorts of readers queries.

Hearts Bow and Makeup, isn't that such a cute name!! Lisha always writes about such different products. Stuff I never seem to read about on other blogs. And the fact that she is so pretty is an added bonus. I think I have a girly crush on her.

Putting Me Together- I am in LOVE with this blog! The ideas Audrey has for putting together a wardrobe and remixing, are just FANTASTIC!! Such simple tips and tricks. The best part is that she doesn't just simply write out a bunch of points. She has pictures and more pictures making it really easy to get the idea. This is my favourite fashion blog currently and I am quite literally studying her blog like I have an exam. Noting down points and making notes in the side bar.

I am a vegetarian (sometimes I have egg) and searching for new recipes that are Indian but innovative are a pain at times. Then I discovered Jeyashri's Kitchen and it is food heaven for me. Simple and easy to follow recipes. Me love!!

So these are my current favourite blogs!! Well I do have more but these 4 are the ones I have to read once a day. Have to!

Click here to read about blogs that have inspired me and click here to YouTubers that I love.

Tell me about the blogs you love to read. I don't mind adding more to my list

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