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Summer Ma(Y)gic #16: REVIEW: Nature's Essence Aromatherapy Nourishing Body lotion

I have never ever thought of reviewing a moisturizer until I started reading blogs. I've just used moisturiser and that's it. Never really put much thought into it. The things you learn on your journey as a blogger are many.
So here goes for my first review of a moisturiser.

I got this as part of a giveaway prize (read about that here).

Price: 160INR for 400ml

What the product claims:
A unique formula with almond and honey offers deep moisturizing and nourishing effects. It imparts a soft supple touch to the skin and a smooth textured neck and body. Also counteracts dryness.

About the product:
A nice simple yellow colour packaging with a flip open cap. It claims to be a whitening body lotion but I can't comment on that yet. I will have to use it for a couple of months to see a difference in that. So I will do an updated review on that aspect in a few months.
It smells very pleasant and reminds me of Shower to Shower. The odour is not overwhelming and it lingers around for almost 3-4 hours.
It is a very pale yellow and the list of ingredients shows a lot of natural extracts (well I guess that is expected from a company named Nature's Essence).
I like the fact that it contains Vit E and almond oil. It is hydrating but not as much as I would like. For the summer this will do, but I don't know how it will fair in the dry winter. Will have to wait and see. I do need to reapply this after about 6 hours to keep the skin more hydrated.
Once I have applied it, my skin does feel soft but not oily or greasy.

What I like about this product:

  • The smell. I find it very soothing and it lingers.
  • Does not feel oily or greasy.
  • Is hydrating.

What I do not like about this product:

  • I don't know if it will hydrating enough for winter.
  • Not sure about the whitening claim
  • Do need to reapply after 6 hours or so. 

Will I repurchase this?? Need to think about that after I finish this bottle.

Have you ever used any lotions from this brand?

miss kays


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