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Summer Ma(Y)gic #20: The journey so far.

Today is the last post in Summer Ma(Y)gic and I have had a wonderful time doing it. I really hope you enjoyed reading it.
So I was wondering how to end it and when I was typing yesterday's post, I actually let slip one of my deepest secrets. Remember I mentioned how I am working towards being a makeup artist, well part time atleast. After I posted that I suddenly wondered if I was anywhere near good enough to think of being a makeup artist, or had I just spoken too soon. Then it happened. It was as if God has sent me a sign to help me keep my chin up and my hopes high. I found a picture from three years ago. It was taken during the Valedictory function, Feb 2011.

See how my skin looks dull and the concealer is barely there. I look really tired. There is no contouring at all or even traces of a blush of any kind.

In 2011, I wasn't blogging till later in the year. However I started very seriously blogging probably only by 2013 mid. I used to read a lot but never spent enough time actually doing makeup. I shopped without inhibitions or testing the product. I never experimented.

Then slowly, but surely, I started to get more and more interested in it. There was something about wearing makeup that really lifted my spirits. I started to get comments on the blog and followers and likes. I realised that people were actually reading my blog! More importantly when my parents started to accept it as a part of me, and my students and colleagues recognized my efforts, it inspired me to work harder. To want this more

This is again at the Valedictory function, Feb 2014.

This was almost 6 hours later

Notice that my foundation matches perfectly. See the eyeshadow blending, the slight contouring and the highlight, the ever so slightly winged out eyeliner. (ok I do need to work on my concealer a bit more)

This is proof of my growth.

I believe I am ready.

Now I want to know what you think. Because as my readers, it really matters to me.

miss kays 


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