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Summer Ma(Y)gic #2:REVIEW: Clinique All about Eyes

This is the first under eye cream that I have religiously used for three months. I wasn't too sure how much I liked this product until I stopped using it and then realised that it had made a difference to my skincare routine.

Being in my late twenties I do have fine lines and crows feet that have started to make an appearance and when I woke up one morning to that realisation I freaked out and  hunted for an eye cream.

Price: 2050 INR

About the product:
Simple elegant packaging. You can't see the actual colour of the product from outside. The packaging is pretty sturdy. I kind of dropped it and nothing happened to it. The ingredients are on the box.
The cream is a light pink (what we would call buff colour in the chemistry lab). It is odourless. It is very lightweight. The cream feels more gel-like.

List of ingredients

It gets absorbed quickly and isn't greasy or oily. It is hydrating and provides a smooth base for concealer.
My eyes have looked less puffy and I think maybe the dark circles have reduced. A bit. There is no drastic change in the dark circles.
The crows feet seem to get smoothed out when I use this but only as long as the cream is there. There is no long term effect.

I didn't realise how lightweight this was till I used another under eye cream. It gives a very satiny smooth finish. Sometimes when I am at home and not wearing any makeup I do wear  this eye cream and it lasts for about 3-4 hours and even after that my skin is soft, just not as hydrated as before.
It is slightly on the pricey side but it will last for atleast 3 month if you use it every day and every night. Initially I was using it both day and night then I shifted to using it only during the day. Also I forgot to use it in between so that's why it has lasted almost 5 and half months for me.

without the Clinique All about eyes under eye cream

with Clinique All about Eyes under eye cream.

What I liked about this product:

  • odourless
  • gets absorbed quickly
  • lightweight and not greasy
  • smooth satiny finish
  • hydrating

What I don't like about this product:

  • it is slightly pricey but I guess well you do pay a price for beauty
  • it doesn't seem to have made any drastic difference to my dark circles.
Tip: Use this under your concealer to get a smooth finish.

Have you used Clinique All About Eyes? What are your thoughts? What under eye cream do you use?

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