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Summer Ma(Y)gic #3: What's in my bag: Travel Edition

It's raining bags in my house. In a span of a week I got like 4 new bags. 4! (Do you guys want to see them?)
The one that I took on the Yercaud trip was the biggest one. It is from Fastrack and it is huge and roomy.

As  you can see I have literally stuffed it with things.

I have a makeup pouch, a pouch with skin care products, a pouch medicines, books and more books, hairbrush and comb, my wallet, tissues, wet tissues. I took a different wallet for the trip. (Click here to see my usual wallet)

A small jewellery box that I got as a gift

 As I didn't want to walk around town with this huge bag, I was carrying a smaller sling bag.

What I like most about this bag is the side pouches. I dumped my hat and suncreen there for easy access.

So what do you think of my travel bag and the stuff dumped in it?

What's your favourite bag to travel with?

miss kays


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