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Summer Ma(Y)gic #5: I won a Giveaway and more...

Just when you start to fall asleep the doorbell rings or the phone rings. That's pretty annoying usually. But for the past week its been raining packages and all for me!!! (The doorbell is still pretty annoying and my mom keeps asking me how many more an I expecting). First some stuff from a blog sale, then a book from Flipkart. then some more stuff from another blog sale and today I got the prize that I won in a giveaway!!!
(I am expecting one more package from a third blog sale. Shhh. Don't tell my mom. I will do a blog sale haul post once everything comes)

So this giveaway was on CrazyForCosmetics blog. Here is what all I won.
I never knew that I had won. I had gone out of town and I didn't see her email telling me that I had won until 2 days later!!

I am really excited to try the face mask. I've never used one before. 

The Nyx eyeshadow looks fantastic.

All in all I suddenly have A LOT of new products on hand. I am just waiting for my skin to get back to normal. 
What happened to my skin you ask? Well I have some uber sensitive stomach and when I eat junk food (read as chocolate , fries and sweets), my face bursts. It literally ruptures. Then I have to go to my dermatologist and listen to her say- have you had any sweets or fried food. A few years ago, it was very bad. 
This time it isn't so bad. Here are some pictures of what my face looks like currently.
bare face. Only moisturiser, lip balm and under eye cream.

If you have been following my blog you will know that I have fairly decent skin normally. Once this bout of acne subsides I will get back to doing LOTDs. I miss wearing makeup and clicking LOTDs.

Here are previous posts on my acne story

Well it will be better soon. Till then its up to me to blog about everything else.

miss kays


P.S please don't stop coming to my blog just because I put up scary bare face pictures.

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