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Summer Ma(Y)gic #8: REVIEW: Faces nail colour in Coral Pink

This is one of the most aptly nail polishes that I have used. It is called Coral Pink and it is coral pink.
This is my first Faces nail polish and I was quite impressed with it.

I bought it from a blog sale. So I paid on 75 INR for it. It actually costs 199INR.

About the product:
I LOVE the colour!!! At times it looks coral and other times it looks pink. What I like the most is that it looks kind of neon on my skin tone. That is just so cool!!
Such a perfect colour for Summer, feminine yet bold thanks to the neony effect.
Even after 4 days there was barely any tip wear and it did not chip. The glossy shiny look stayed for about 4 days and then it started to look dull.
The one thing I did not like it that it does not go on easily. The formula is a bit thick. To get a smooth finish you have to apply it slowly and peacefully. If you are in a hurry it goes on streaky. That's what happened the first time I used it. So I couldn't take pictures that time. The next time I did it patiently and got a beautiful finish. Well atleast on 4 of the fingers I got a beautiful finish. I had to mess up one finger. Drishti (to take away the evil eye).
It takes time to dry. It really isn't the fastest drying nail enamel. So while waiting for it to dry I managed to sort of smudge a finger. That's just me. Never mind
Two coats gives it the right amount of opacity.

What I like about the product:

  • The colour
  • Barely any tip wear
  • Does not chip.
  • Shiny look lasts till 4 days.
  • Affordable

What I don't like about the product:

  • Needs patience for application which I don't about the product.
  • Takes time to dry.

Overall I think it is a brilliant colour for summer. Worth the money. And well I already have one more nail colour from Faces waiting for a review ;)

So have you tried any of the Faces nail Enamel?

miss kays