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Summer-time Style from Bonobos

My dad always comes to me when he has a dilemma of whether a pant compliments a shirt. He calls me his ‘in-house fashion consultant’ and I like to believe that I do a good job of it.

So when Jason, from Bonobos, contacted me to take a look at their new summer collection, I did and here is what I think about it.

First lets go back a little in time

Bonobos started in 2007 by Brian Spaly, a student at Stanford Business School at the time, when he realized he had a problem: American pants were far too baggy and European cuts were too skinny for his build.  Instead of taking his pants to a tailor, Spaly decided to handle the problem himself, he borrowed a sewing machine and got to work.  After realizing what a great pair of pants he was able to make Spaly started his small business from the trunk of his car selling pants on campus.  Once the demand for the pants grew, so did the need for help and Spaly’s housemate, Andy Dunn, got involved. Dunn had previously worked as a consultant for Lands’ End where he learned the value of a direct-to-consumer business model, Dunn cashed in his 401K, created and magic was made.
Grabbing some investors on the way (including the chairman of JetBlue, Joel Peterson) they grabbed 400 pairs of pants, headed to New York and got to work.By 2011 the company had grown exponentially and moved from selling strictly pants to a full men’s line, including shirts, suits, pants and then some.  With the expanding business customers were pushing for a way to try the clothing on before purchasing it from the site.  In answer to this demand Bonobos opened up what they call the “Guideshop,” allowing customers to come in and try on the different fits and sizes before ordering the apparel online. (Editor's note- I loved this idea)

What the company has to say:
Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience. Launched in 2007 on the Internet with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos is now the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States. In 2011 Bonobos extended offline, launching Bonobos Guideshops, e-commerce showrooms that deliver personalized, one-to-one service to those wanting to experience the brand in-person. In 2012, Bonobos expanded its distribution partnering with Nordstrom, bringing Bonobos apparel into select doors nationwide and to Across channels, Bonobos is focused on delivering a well-targeted brand promise: world-class fit, an innovative shopping experience and an energetic brand spirit. Bonobos was named "One of America’s Hottest Brands" by Advertising Age, "Best Men’s Pants" by New York Magazine, one of Inc. Magazine’s "20 Awesome Facebook Pages" and was awarded Crain’s "Best Places to Work in New York City". Visit

Their  Garment Dyed Chinos is a new collection of casual chinos with rich, garment dyed color.  This is one pant that's perfect for summer weekends - it's downtown friendly, publican-approved, and thanks to its broken-in feel and classic styling, exceptionally easy to wear.

What I think about the Summer Collection:

The shirts look lovely. Pastel shades. There are plain shirts and striped shirts for the conservative ones, and for the more daring ones, there are shirts with funky designs, floral prints and I even saw something that reminded me of a poochampali design (found on Indian saris)

Coming to chinos. I know most of my guy friends love their chinos for casual and semi formal wear. The summer collection has pastel shades if you are daring enough to wear coloured pants and keep up with the trends. Of course there is also the traditional colours of beige and grey.

These are my favourite looks from their summer collection.

Bonobos currently ships to the US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
They are currently offering a discount code for new customers. For a limited time, you can get 20% off your purchase as a new customer! Use the promo code: NEWCUSTOMER20.
(Editor's note- They are working on shipping to India. Keeping fingers crossed that it happens soon)

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