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The month that was, and the month that will be.

Hello Everyone.

May went really well for me. It made me push myself to a different level to blog everyday. It truly was an effort and it paid off. It has made my creative juices flow. I have put in a lot of work in trying out products, clicking pictures and editing posts. It showed me what I was capable of it and I would like to thank my readers for all their support, the lovely comments and even some emails.

There were a lot of hauls that happened during May so I guess I am going back on my Spending Ban or something like it. 

June will be different. As I have an exam coming up,  I will be posting only two or three times a week. I intend to bring in as much variety as possible, and do indepth reviews. Posting thrice a week will give me time to plan the posts more creatively and also do more LOTDs and Outfits. And oh most importantly it will give me time to study :P It will also give you all time to catch up with reading of blogs. I know how hard it is to follow a blog that posts everyday. Sometimes I miss out on posts. So this way, with the posts being spaced out, you will not miss out on any of them. 

Do follow me on twitter, facebook or bloglovin' and you will be updated as soon as I have a post up.

June will also see me try some new challenges. I will keep you posted on those.
Moving into favourites for this month.

On a separate note I just wanted to mention that we are getting a new landline connection so it is possible that I will not have Internet for a few days and so I will not be posting. Depends on how fast the connection is done.

Have a great month ahead!

miss kays