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What to wear for a girls day out: Styled on Motilo

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Motilo is the perfect platform for women looking to style their favourite products into bespoke style content adding a unique visual element to fashion posts.
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Here is the look that I put together on Motilo.

Summer means whites and brights. I decided to keep a flowery theme here. So that it isn't too flowery, only the hairband and the earrings are flowery. There is a lot of colour in the top. I wanted to focus the attention on colour amongst all of that and so I chose purple wedges. I think even pink would look great.
The is perfect because it keeps with the theme of white with a multi colour trimming. Since it is a crossbody bag, your hands are free to eat, drink, and carry lots of shopping bags or get a manicure and not mess it up.
The gold bracelet is a zipper bracelet. Gold to tie the whole look together and the zipper gives it that slight edge so that you don't look like a delicate flower.

Motilo is a fun way to create looks without spending money. And once you have created a look you are happy with, you can shop for the same.

So what do you think of the look I created?

miss kays