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200th Post: Blog Sale #1. Rules and regulations.

200 posts. I can't believe it.
So I have debated about this a really really long time and I think it is time for a blog sale. The main reason behind this sale is my dad and his love for just showering us with Bath and Body works products more than we can use. So when I was clearing out some shelf  I realised that something had to be done or all these would just expire and never get used up. Another thing is that there are some scents that just irritate my nose and its like I am allergic to them.
So the first part is all Bath and Body works products.

Next we have makeup. Well I have some unused make up. Brand new stuff that I know I will not be using simply because I already have that product or something similar. These products have expiry dates coming up in the next year and so I would like someone to use them before they die. I do have a few products that I have used, well used once or twice and then set aside for various reasons. I have already sanitized them and they are good as new.

The main focus is accessories. I hoard accessories and it is not even funny any more. I opened a box to discover that I had some necklaces in which the price tag hadn't been removed it. They had been in that box for two years. I have a statement necklace that I bought because I loved it and I have never worn it ever. That's been there for three years. So I decided it is time to let go of some of the pieces that I will not be wearing. I am in the process of giving my entire wardrobe a makeover and there are some accessories that are just simply not okay for my age. It is time to grow up and change the style into something more mature.

So these are the reasons for the blog sale. It turned out to be much bigger than I expected!!

Here are the rules and regulations.

1) This blog sale is open to Indian residents only.
2) The shipping is 75 INR. It is free shipping if you purchase products worth 750 INR. A free gift and free shipping if you purchase products worth 1250 INR or more.
3) The pictures put up is the current state of the product. They have been sanitized and are ready to go. If you are interested in buying a product, first leave a comment on the Blog Sale post mentioning the product you would like to purchase. Then to confirm your purchase, mail me at within 24 hours. Do not directly send me an email. It will not be considered as sold.
4)  The comments will go into moderation and so I will know who has commented first.
5) The products will be sold on first-come-first-serve basis. You can still leave comments about products you’re interested in, even if someone else has commented about them before you. In case the first bidder doesn’t confirm the purchase via email, the product will go to the second bidder.
6)Payment can be made online or in person directly to my bank account. I prefer online payment. Direct cash deposits require additional Rs 25 as the bank charges that amount for processing cash deposits. I will give you the details after the confirmation mail.
7) You need to make the payment within 72 hours of the sale or I will contact the second person who bid on it and sell it to them.
8) I will ship the products by a reputed courier company and send you the tracking details. However once it is shipped, I no longer have any responsibility over the package.
9) Please bid for the products if you are really interested in buying the products. Please read the blog sale post with its products and prices in detail and only THEN bid for the product! Any person backing out after bidding will be blacklisted and  banned from future blog sales, giveaways and contests on IshtyleAwhile. It is not fair for anyone else who may want the product and you book it without wanting it.
I do have all the details put up including expiry dates. So please everything before you decide to buy something. 
10) There is no pre booking and no negotiations.
I will be putting up a list of the products with pictures and all details except for the prices. Prices will be updated in the post when the blog sale goes live. This is just so that you can decide whether there is anything you want. 
Oh one extra piece of info. My skin shade in MAC is between NC 42-44. This is should help you decide if something will suit you or not.

Keep watching this space for the preview.

Happy shopping

:miss kays



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