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An unexpected parcel.

As you all know I have an exam on Sunday (I've been talking about this exam for waaay too long now. Can't wait for it to get over and unpause the rest of my life), so I wasn't intending on really posting anything till it gets over. It's just a week and I figured I could go a week without blogging, right?
But nah... that's so not happening.
So yesterday I received a parcel that I was expecting only by the weekend, but it came early and totally caught me by surprise!!

I had won Mily's giveaway on her blog Pinkrimage and it happened when I was out of town and I didn't see it till she kinda prompted me to check the blog. This happened the first time I won a giveaway from Crazy for Cosmetics (click here to see what I won in that giveaway). Some cosmic connection between me being out of town and winning giveaways I think :D

As soon as the parcel came I decided I just HAD to post about it. I am so so excited. (Thanks to the crazy current that kept going and coming I couldn't post this yesterday like intended)

Here are the products that I won.

1) Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral - I own the other two shades in this range and I've already reviewed these here. I will have swatches of this shade up soon so that you can compare all the three.

2) L'Oreal Color Riche nail polish in Versailles Gold- I have reviewed another colour from this range. You can read about that here.

3) Faces High Shine nail enamel in Pink Ruby- this is the third Faces nail enamel that I have gotten in a span of three months. The previous two Fashionista and Coral Pink have already been reviewed.

4) Sally Hansen Extreme wear nail colour in Purple Pizzazz- I have never owned a purple nail polish at all
!! This is my second Sally Hansen nail polish. I haven't reviewed it because i just realised I don't know where it. Need to find it!!

5) Colorbar i-define eye pencil in Midnight Black- This is the first Colorbar eye pencil so that makes it all the more exciting to review.

6) Nivea Total Face Cleanup- Seeing this reminded me of how terrible I am at keeping a a proper skin routine. Need to take care of my skin better.

7) 2 foundation samples- Bourjois healthy mix and Max factor Experience

8) A pretty pretty pouch with mustaches on it.

So I will be back with reviews, swatches, the whole works. For now, gotta get back to studying.

miss kays


P.S. between the time I got this and me posting this, my mom already used one of the nail polishes and I tried the scrub :D