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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The eyebrows, the lips and the facewash.

It's been a while since I did a First Impressions post. I am currently testing a bunch of products that I seem to like at this point, so I thought I would catch up guys up with what these products.

1.Nivea Total Face Cleanup.
I won this is a giveaway and I started using it the very next day. I am terrible with skin care routines. I keep messing them up and quite irregular. I manage a C and the M form CTM, but I am not very consistent with the cleansers. So starting July 1st I am going to put together a proper routine for my acne prone, oil secreting, mark-stricken skin.
This product is both gentle and exfoliating and I am really enjoying using it. Will review it soon.

2. Gimme Brow From Benefit.
I have never had a brow product as such, so when my best friend was coming down from US, I asked her to get some brow product that she could lay her hands on and she got me this.
I'm on the edge about this so far. I've used it 3 or 4 times and well it definitely makes my brows stay in place. No doubt. I just need to find the best way to use it for me.

3. Bourjois lip contour pencil.
I am loving this!! The colour gives my lips this beautiful peachy nude colour and when it is layered with a lip gloss (which has mostly been the Revlon Colorbusrt one in papaya) it looks amazing. This combination has been my go to combination for the past month or so. Full review in the next few weeks. I just need to test its wear time alone. So far it hasn't feathered or bled with the lip gloss on.

So these some of the products that are I am trying out.
What are the latest products on your testing table?

miss kays


P.S. my next post is a really exciting one. A small milestone for me. Stay tuned.