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If I were a Celebrity : My 25 Style Secrets

My day starts with reading blogs and fashion/ beauty related websites and ends with that. Today I read Deepika Padukone's 25 style secrets and I found myself answering some of them in my head. So I thought why answer them in my head when I have a blog where I can think aloud. (click here to read the original article)

So the scenario is simple, if I were a celebrity, then these would be my style secrets.

Style favourites
1. Denim: Narrow leg jeans. Always. I have awesome legs!
2. Jewellery: Understated mostly. but depends on the outfit.
3. New designers: Meena (that's my cousin sister)
4. Sunglasses: Gucci (ha how I wish)
5. Heels: Only for occasions. A 3 inch usually.
6. Day bag: Black tote.
7. Lipstick hue: Pink tones
8. Perfume: Diesel
9. Beauty discovery: BB creams
10. Trend of the season: Floral prints and assymetrical cuts
Style staples
11. Workwear basics: Elegant and comfortable
12. Daily shoes: Flat T strap slippers
13. Workout wear: Harem pants and tee shirt
14. Nail paint: Coral
15. Hairstyle: Braids
16. Make-up kit favourite: Bronzer
17. Red carpet failsafes: Winged liner
Style mantras
18. Red carpet formula: "I am beautiful", Believe it. Live it.
19. Bad-hair-day rescue: Messy bun
20. Battling break-out: Go to my dermatologist.
21. Beach holiday wardrobe: Shorts 
22. First-impression essentials:  Simple dressing, smile and be yourself.
Style haunts
23. Travel discovery: One piece of accessory from wherever I travel
24. Vintage store: ummm... Don't have one yet.
25. Street market: Commercial street. (Does that count?)

So what are your 25 style secrets? Do share

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