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NOTD and REVIEW: Imli by Chamki

I don't know whether it is the name of this nail polish or the fascinating double shade that made me buy this. Either way, I ended up bending my spending ban a bit and buying this.
My friends and I had gone to this really cute boutique called Yellow Button and that's where I saw this. Actually the first colour that caught my eye was a saffron colour and a bright 'slap you across the face' pink and behind that was this beautiful colour.
Well okay it did look a bit dark as first but then I opened it and saw that it looked like a double shade and I just had to have it.

Price: 150INR

The colour: It is a brown base but it has beautiful rose gold side to it or more like an onion pink in some angles. It has a metallic finish but the shine fades away after 2-3 days. I didn't wear it with a top coat.
There was tip wear by the second day itself. I actually have three coats on because I wanted to see if the colour got darker. But two coats and three coats look the same. 
This may not be flattering on a darker skin tone. I tried it on my friend and it didn't look really great. I liked it on myself even though my friends weren't too impressed by it.
It applies smoothly and the brush is convenient to use. It is wide enough to cover the nail in about three strokes.

What I like about this product:
  • The double shade. I am a sucker for a dual shade. 
  • The metallic finish.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not streaky

What I don't like about this product:
  • For the price I would have liked it to last longer.
  • The shine fades after two days and it looks dull.
  • Tip wear seen in two days.
  • Not really a branded brand.
  • Not sure about the availability 
  • Nothing written about ingredients or even an expiry date.
I love this picture. Can you see the different shades? I love that effect.

Would I buy it again?
Probably not. I love the colour but it ends at that. 

Have you ever heard of this brand?

miss kays


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