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Summer Lookbook for Closet Swap

I have never done a lookbook before. It is my first time and though I have been thinking about it for a while, sheer laziness to put more than one outfit together at one time stopped me from doing that. Then Jessica from Raise got in touch with me and asked if I would do a post about on summer attire. So here it is.

First a little about
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This sounds like a fun site right?  Too bad it isn't yet available in India. Maybe soon. But before that I wish all places would offer gift cards. Especially all online sites should totally offer this, don't you think?

About Closet Swap
"We are running an interactive campaign called “Closet Swap,” where we are reaching out to an exclusive group of fashion bloggers looking to hear about your wardrobe transition into summer attire!  Summertime calls for a certain look, and we want to see what you’ll be strutting this season.We’re looking for a group of bloggers to create a blog post on their blog about tips and trends on what you’ll be wearing as the sun starts to shine!  Whether it’s highlighting your favorite patterns and trends, focusing on a few select outfits, or showing off some of your brightest accessories, creative freedom is yours!  "

I decided to focus on three looks. Looks that I would actually wear or have worn.

Look 1: The Trendy

I seem to be obsessed with these green pants. The fit is perfect (I find that my hip to waist ratio is pretty strange to work with usually) and it is so soft and sort of stretchy. So comfortable. To go with this I chose a white tee shirt. Now this isn't just any white tee shirt. There is this lace detailing at the back that just gives it surprise twist. 
In keeping with the trendy theme, I went for a layered chain to break up the solid colour of the pant and the tee shirt. 
A simple silver bracelet, and black metal earrings complete my look. 
I tied my hair up and let my curls just fall (I have naturally curly wavy hair)

Where to wear this look:  Summer parties!! The days stretch into the nights and you don't just want to look trendy, you also want to feel comfy to party all night. 

Look 2: The Feminine

Whenever I wear lace I can only think of the Belles (If you watch Hart of  Dixie you will understand). It reminds me of this real sophisticated elegant woman in society. I've paired a pastel yellow lace shirt with A flowered skirt. The cuts are simple and clean on the skirt and so the lace detail on the shirt adds a softness to the look. 
The accessories are just gold and rose gold. A simple rose gold chain, coral earrings and a golden bracelet. 
The hairstyle is a side braid. I think side braids are feminine and kind of flirty.

The accessories

Where to wear this look: Lunch date, maybe a first date in general, or if you are going to a fancy dinner with the girls. 

Look 3: The Casual

This is definitely my favourite look. Tee shirt and jeans. I mean what beats that. The beauty of this jeans is that I can fold it up and make it shorter by a bit. So it's like a calf length.
The tee shirt is not just a regular stripes, its go some pretty funky stripes. Keeping with the whole red theme, I wore a red watch (a gift courtesy of my colleagues), and red hoops (I love hoops). 
To finish the look I wore ballet flats in a denim material. Casual it is.
A hairband is my best friend to keep the hair off the face. A pony tail would be better so that hair strands aren't sticking to the sweat. I was just too lazy to tie it up.

Where to wear this look: Anywhere!! Movies, coffee with friends, roaming the streets. As you feel like it.

I can't pose any more.

Three simple looks which look put together depending on the occasion.

What do you guys think?

miss kays


P.S This is not a paid post.