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The Purge

I understand what Monica Geller goes through when she sees things scattered all over the place. I am one of those strange weirdos who enjoys cleaning, organizing, reorganizing, categorizing. You get the idea..
My grandparents are on their way to come and stay with us, so I decided that would be the perfect excuse to get some cleaning done.
The other reason was that I felt like too many things had started to just accumulate and I hate clutter. I'd been watching a lot of videos on decluttering and I felt like I had to do that too. Just had to get rid of stuff. 
I have been working on it little by little and I am kind of happy about my collections now. A little more organization is needed but a lot of stuff has been reduced.

So what was the outcome?
1) I donated a lot of my clothes and accessories. Most of the accessories that I had used and no longer used have been given to the maid's daughter who are in college. I gave them a lot of my nail polishes. So I managed to downsize my nail polish collection to almost half of what it was. I have a few that I intend to use a bit more before they hit expiration.

2) I have removed so many clothes that I have just outgrown. I want a more a mature wardrobe and one that I can easily mix and match stuff. So I am still working on that. You have seen my latest clothes haul and that was just one of the steps to rebuilding the wardrobe. I have kept a lot of clothes tp be donated.

3) Bags. I have waaaay too many bags. Had! I donated a lot of them, and I few that are really nice so I don't want to just give them away. I have special pans for those.

4) Ever since I started working, I have been shopping for makeup and accessories very indiscriminately. 4 years of stuff has been sitting there and I have been collecting more and more. The pictures that you see are of all the expired makeup and skin care and hair care stuff. Huge bag of things to throw.

Why the hell am I rambling on and on, you ask? Just read a few more lines to find out..

Now I also found some accessories that I have bought and never worn, bought and worn once or twice some makeup that has been unopened, and some makeup that I bought but doesn't suit me. I don't think I will be using those. So (and here comes the good part) I have collected all these items and I will be having my first ever BLOG SALE!!
Yes ladies. I am currently in the process of taking pictures, swatches and pricing all the items. I have an exam on Sunday and so studying for that, which is why I haven't been regular in posting this week. I will collaborate all of it and then have it up some time next week. Hopefully!! 

I am excited. I hope you guys are too. 

miss kays


P.S there will be some products from Lakme, Coastal Scents and Bath and Body works on sale.