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My Experience at Four Fountains De Stress Spa, Bangalore

"What is this life if, full of care
We have no time to stand and stare?"--  W.H Davis

These are two lines from the poem Leisure that have been embedded in my mind ever since we did the poem in school. It is so apt and so true for today. We are permanently connected to social media through our phones. We are always on the go. Fast food joints are thriving. We listen for traffic jams on the radio in order to avoid it. Stop.
This isn't a rant post.
In a world that is always in a frenzy, there are places of stillness that exist.
I had the opportunity to visit such a place recently. I was invited to visit the Four Fountains De Stress Spa in Bangalore. They have 8 centres in Bangalore. I chose to go to the Indiranagar one as it is the closest centre to my house.


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End of PROJECT PAN #1 and start of Project Pan #2.

Well it's been a month since I started this Project Pan. I had set a target of a month to finish some products and I must say that I passed half way. I didn't get time to update it in between so here is the end result.
I got done with two of the products and made a little progress with the other 3. So I don't think its a complete fail, but not a 100% success either.


The Vanity Affair with Oriflame: Makeup essentials for a holiday.

While travelling I like to travel light and be prepared for any type of occasion. I don't wear heavy makeup unless its for a wedding that I have gone for. 
Here is what my travel vanity kit would consist of.

AVATAR #1: The green pants- part 1


Introducing: AVATAR.



LOTD: Graduation Day

For those of you who don't know, I used to teach in a school for classes 11 and 12. So every year I get to say goodbye to one set of students and say hello to another set. It is quite interesting actually. I mean you get to meet different types of students and you end up getting really attached to some students.
The Valedictory Function is one of the biggest functions at school and everyone dresses up for it. I was class teacher of 12 Science and my girls were wearing a black sari for graduation, so I also decided to wear a black sari. This graduation was also really special as it marked 10 years since I graduated from ISC. (yes yes I am that old/ young, however you take it) and more importantly it was like a graduation day for me as well. It was my last event at school. I'm currently on a break from working.


What Brightened my day up!

Yesterday was a really gloomy day. It was dark and gloomy all morning and afternoon and I hate gloominess. I am a sunshine person. Plus you get better pictures when there is sun that is not hidden behind clouds. To add to the gloomy weather my plans of meeting up with a friend got cancelled and so I was a bit bummed out. I just sat around and watched tv till I got a message that my order from Jabong was on its way. It was 3 days early!!! I was just ecstatic. I thought I would wait and be the one to receive it. However after being fooled twice (someone else was at the door), it came at the exact time that I decided I would go shower. Oh well!


Michael Kors in Bangalore!

Micheal Kors is one of those designers who just makes a woman to stop and look.
Now there we can stand in one of the poshest malls in Bangalore and not just stare but go in and actually look at it.

miss kays


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OOTD: What I wore to my dad's retirement party.

Yes my dad retired.  How is it to have my father at home? Well we'll just stick to the fashion part of this post and keep the ranting talking for another post.