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AVATAR #1: The green pants- part 1

(You might want to read the Introduction to Avatar series first)

So here is the first post in this series.  If I was to be absolutely honest, this series was started because of these pants. When I bought them I didn't realise that I would be such an amazing buy. These pants can be worn in SO many ways!! So many looks. Here I am featuring just three. That's why its part 1. When I do part 2, I'll explain why I split it up into two parts.
You have seen some of these outfits before. I just decided to club them together so you can see how the looks are different.
Lets get into it...

Look 1: Out with family for lunch

You have seen this before. Click here to see the full detailed look.
In a gist, I think these pants look great with a kurti. I love Indianized looks (is Indianized a word?). I love saris and salwars waaay more the pants and jeans. I think this look is just perfect when you want to add a traditional twist.

Look 2: Out with the girls

From traditional to modern. I think this is a really fun look! The layered chain adds such a fun element to the solid colours. Click here to see the complete look.

Look 3: Let's go for high tea.

I have this shirt for a loooong time and never found ways to wear. Really. I've never worn it. For the blog, I am forcing myself to try different items of clothing together. I quite like how this fell together. It is not too bright, so not exactly colour blocking but still colourful enough to make heads turn.

These are three ways in which I have worn my green pants.

Which look did you guys like best? How would you wear green pants? Do share your thoughts.

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