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End of PROJECT PAN #1 and start of Project Pan #2.

Well it's been a month since I started this Project Pan. I had set a target of a month to finish some products and I must say that I passed half way. I didn't get time to update it in between so here is the end result.
I got done with two of the products and made a little progress with the other 3. So I don't think its a complete fail, but not a 100% success either.

Here are the products I completely finished. 

1) Clinique all about eyes
I wiped this clean as you can see! I am now testing another eye cream. Will review that soon.

2)Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour and Care in Mandarin.
Again wiped clean!! Feels good. Now I have the next lip balm to get out of the way.

The next three products are getting carried forward to the next project pan.

3) Deborah Milano compact powder in 02.
You can see more pan right?? I didn't use as much as I would have liked to so I'm going to put in more effort for the next Project Pan.

4) Maybelline ClearGlow BB cream in 03 Natural.
I am having so much trouble with this!! I just can't seem to make it work for me and so I don't reach for it at all! I have used it, but just barely in the past month. If I had used it every day, it would have finished by now. But I'm not giving up. I will finish this and review it.

5) Maybelline Eye Studio Line Allure.
As expected I didn't finish this. Its going to take some more time. I can't use it as a liner because the brush sucks. I use it as a bindi. That's why it is taking time to finish. This too gets carried into the next Project Pan.

Project Pan #2. 

So here are the products that I am going to be trying to finish up next. 

1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint in Berry Pink - This was part of the limited edition Pop Tints that was launched for the Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2013. This was the only colour I liked and that I thought would show up and on me. Well I do like it. I use it quite a lot. That's why it is part of the Project Pan. Lip products never seem to finish. I want to be able to finish one!

2. Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Honey Bunch- You have seen this featured in so many of my LOTDs. I love it! It has a nice dent in it and that's why I've put it in the Project Pan. I don't know if I will be able to finish it but I would really love to hit pan. (Also I own 10 blushes! Its time to start downsizing)

3. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate- As long as this is in my collection, I will never use any other black. I need to finish this to do justice to the other 4 black kajals that I have.

left- Maybelline liner, right- Lakme kohl

4. Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner by Eyestudio in a silvery grey colour- This is a beautiful pencil. No doubt. But I've had it for long enough. I need to finish it.

5. Avon Glimmerstick diamonds in Flashy Copper.- I don't use this enough. I really don't do justice to this. It was a hot favourite when I got it and then it faded iaway. I am going to make sure I use this to the maximum.

6. Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Pink Petals- I love creme eyeshadows. They are so fast and easy to work with. I chose this palette so that I could actually hit pan in a palette and also because every YouTuber who does a Project Pan talks about having a neutral eyeshadow palette to work with. I think these shades will work great with the lip products I've chosen and also for the upcoming season.

7. MAC eyeshadow in Dark Edge- This is the only MAC eyeshadow I own. I love that I can use it as an outer V contour and also to fill eyebrows. I really want to hit pan in this, that way it should inspire to finish it for a Back to MAC.

8. Bath and Body works Sweet Pea Body lotion- I have too many of these that I need to finish. So starting with the first one.

9. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip balm in Cherry- I have a lip balm obsession that I an trying to curb. Really need to use them up before I can buy any more.

I know I seem a bit ambitious right? 9 products plus 3 other products carried over. The idea is to push myself a bit more.

Deadline- 3 months, from July 16th to Oct 16th 2014.

I will update as and when something gets over or  when I've made some significant progress.

What are you trying to finish up in the coming month?

miss kays