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Introducing: AVATAR.


If you Google the word Avatar, the first thing that pops up is the movie and there is something about Avatar in computing (I had no idea).  But for me, the word Avatar, refers to the different forms taken up by Lord Vishnu.
This new series that I am starting is based on the idea that one item can take different forms. I'm talking about clothing items people.
I will be styling one clothing item in different ways. The inspiration for this is pretty simple.
We all have wardobes full of clothes and yet we only wear a fraction of them and in a particular way. I know for sure this is what my sister and I do. The purpose of this series is to force me to step out of the comfort zone and try to pair different pieces, putting together different looks and share these looks with all of you. Hopefully I will eventually stop saying " I have nothing to wear" and "I hate my wardrobe" and have something to wear for any occasion, or better still have the ability to create an ensemble for any occasion.
Join me on this journey into my wardobe and the realms that lie within it.

miss kays